Taking your dog outside can be challenging if the weather is not cooperating. Rain, heat, snow, or freezing temperatures can hurt your dog’s sensitive paws. If you live in a colder climate, the salt on the roads during the winter time is another irritant for your dogs paws. Dog shoes is a great way to keep your dog warm, comfortable and pain-free during their daily walks. If you are considering getting shoes for your dog, get ready to get overwhelmed with choices. There are so many options out there for any kind of dog and any weather conditions. We’ve put together a list of best dog shoes to narrow down your search and provide you with solid options to look into.

Best Overall

These dog boots from

Best Budget

XSY&G dog boots have a durable sole with tough anti-slip surface, perfect for rugged trails and walks on icy roads. They are nevertheless soft and breathable and can be used indoors for those pups that need extra grip on slippery floors. The boots are easy to put on and take off – they are fastened by two adjustable straps and the fit is adjustable.

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Best Runner Up

Neoprene dog shoes from Bark Brite are softer and more flexible than a regular dog boot. Neoprene dog boots conform to the paw shape and don’t impede dog’s movements. These boots are water resistant and are made from durable materials to prevent punctures. They are great for all weather conditions. Booties are secured on the paw with two elastic reflective straps for easy adjustment.

Best Alternative

What if dog shoes are not a good option for your dog – maybe they refuse to wear them or they are not comfortable having them on? There are a few other alternative solutions to keep your pup safe and protected from the elements.

Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax is a balm that creates invisible protective layer on the dog’s paw. The balm is also moisturizing and prevents against drying and cracking. It can be used for snow, hot pavement, and rough terrain. The ingredients are natural and not-toxic for dogs, in case your pup decides to lick their paws.

These socks are easier to put on than shoes, so your dog might not mind them as much. They come in different sizes and are a great option for outdoor and indoor wear.

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